5 Things you didn’t know about Instagram

I use Instagram often for work, I handle the social media for most of the brands we represent. I have often run into an issue or two and picked up a couple tricks along the way. Below are a couple of the things that I picked up while trying to understand Instagram.

1 You can’t have more than 30 hash tags (#)

30 seems like quite a lot but it is amazing how quickly you can reach that number. I was curious as to why my copy was not being added to my images and was annoyed to keep seeing the ‘your edits have not been saved’ message popping up.

2 Instagram has a bigger character allowance than Facebook

This means that you can put a longer message on instagram than on Facebook even though Instagram is linked to Facebook and image based. Although you can have really long messages, I haven’t really met anyone who will read a whole long blurb onย Instagram

3ย You can only include up to 5 @ mentions in a single comment

That means if you want to get more people included in on one post, you need to tag them in the image or do multiple comments.

4 You can save an image from Instagram without screen grabbing

Although I find it really difficult to save an image I like from Instagram on my mobile devices (a.k.a the tab and my phone) I have found a really easy way on the computer. Simple as right click save image. Ta da, only problem is you save basically all of the images from the profile the image is on. So you often need to find where it was saved on the computer and delete all the images you do not want.

5 Hashtags are the life blood of Instagram

I am not really a fan of hashtags but since going onto Instagram I quickly learnt that they are the fastest and easiest way of generating interaction with your posts. True I am still weary of them and still do not like to include them as part of the message. I just add them in at the end of my copy.



Waking up tips busted

I love sleeping in and lazing around in bed all day. I will happily curl up and read, watch something or blog all from the comfort of my mattress, duvet and pillows. However I am not a fan of waking up in the mornings. I am by no stretch of the imagination a morning person, unless you count going to sleep in the am as a morning person? No, oh well then, I am 100% a night owl. Even as I type this it is 23:06 and I feel wide awake. So as you can imagine waking up for work is not easy for me. I have even tried a few tricks that I found on line and they just don’t do it for me. Here are a few of the tips I tried and why they just didn’t work.

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5 things I am grateful for

Recently I took up a challenge, which seems to be the theme for my year. I will say that it is rather fun to challenge myself, even though I tend to fail at some of the drastically. You live and you learn I guess. The challenge I am currently on right now suggests writing down five things that I am grateful for. It was harder to than I had originally thought it would be. However here are the 5 things that I am grateful for.

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The blank fortune cookie

I am addicted to these folded over biscuits, to the point where I would run into a Chinese food restaurant, buy a few and leave, daily. Luckily it is a habit that I broke, now I only get a fortune cookie when I order Chinese, like any ordinary person. My mother and I will read our fortunes to each other and have a giggle and carry on with our lives.

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